★★★★☆ avg.

"Loved this place, great addition to the neighborhood. Pizza and calzone were as good as it gets. We tried the pork tenderloin and the manicotti, loved both (the potato croquette that came with the pork was my favorite of the night). We'll be back."


★★★★☆ avg.

I was very impressed with Caselnova on many different levels! The staff was nice, helpful and enthusiastic. The atmosphere was both festive, upscale and homey all at the same time. The food was superb! As a gluten free person, I usually avoid Italian restaurants due to the limited options- Caselnova however does offer a gluten free option on their pasta menu!



"Dean Caselnova's letting the honest trattoria fare do the negotiating at his eponymous new 45-seater... House specialties are classics like tagliatelle with traditional bolognese sauce, manicotti (his mother's recipe), and, slightly less classic, a shell steak with Chianti demi-glaze. Sunday dinners bring family-style 'Sunday sauce' (aka gravy) on fusilli, meatballs and sausages, homemade ricotta, biscotti, and a cup of joe for 17 bones," says Metromix.

Chowhound Brian Chelow was impressed by the Sunday dinner: "We were very happily surprised... The sauce was so rich and hearty I would be surprised to find out if it hadnt been simmered all morning with the meatballs and sausage... A solid meal, a great price. This place is a GEM!!!"

Fellow 'Hound Matt M. adds, "The food seems to be all family recipes. Everything is fresh and delicious. The service is absolutely wonderful. And, the space was really transformed into a lovely, homey place. It sounds corny, but can really feel the love in the food and atmosphere." How would you rate Caselnova?



Channel 7 Eyewitness News: "Cheese Ravioli From Caselnova"

BROOKLYN (WABC) -- It's a taste of Italy in the Columbia Street waterfront district, just next to Red Hook in Brooklyn.Dean Caselnova's eponymous Italian restaurant features hearty entrees, pizzas and paninis. The food at Caselnova is traditional and the pasta often handmade.His recipe comes after years of learning cooking in Italy...


Sunday Pasta Tagliatelle alla Bolognese

“Luuuucy, I’m hoooome.” To me, Ricky Ricardo was ethnic; I was just an Italian guy from New Jersey. (Ok, maybe I wore a gold cross, drove a Firebird, had big hair and...

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